Cyclic Controllers

for Bell 206 type helicopter simulators

The Bell 206 type cyclic has the advantage of being able to place most of the working parts under the seat base, only the stick and grip are exposed. The controller is permanently mounted under a fabricated flight deck seat base structure with Bell 206 scale measurements. These controllers are built for heavy duty everyday use in commercial type simulators and have precision ball bearings installed on both axis supports. Hall effect sensors are installed at both axis points to achieve more increment arc travel resolution along with insuring there are no drive parts to wear out.



Bell 206 Type Cyclic Controller





Cyclic is equipped with Honeywell SS495 Hall effect sensors on the roll and pitch axis



1 1/4" O.D. 6061-T6 aluminum cyclic sticks

The tubing is first heated, bent to shape, and finally a black powder coat finish is applied.



"206 style" grip, with 20 degree offset to stick, and two push button momentary switches



Mounting brackets support pitch axis ball bearings and adjustable pitch axis stops.



Photo shows cyclic main shaft with roll axis ball bearing plates installed.





Dual Control Bell 206 Type Cyclic Controller

(for teaching and trainer type simulators)

(based on Bell 206 spacing measurements)





The dual cyclic is equipped with Honeywell SS495 Hall effect sensors on the pitch and roll axis.



Dual control cyclic sticks are balanced with an adjustable steel counterweight.



Dual stick roll axis connection is via a 3/8" plated steel control rod with adjustable spherical rod ends.